Exploratory Software Testing

Exploratory Software Testing Author James A. Whittaker
ISBN-10 0321647858
Release 2009-08-25
Pages 256
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How to Find and Fix the Killer Software Bugs that Evade Conventional Testing In Exploratory Software Testing, renowned software testing expert James Whittaker reveals the real causes of today’s most serious, well-hidden software bugs--and introduces powerful new “exploratory” techniques for finding and correcting them. Drawing on nearly two decades of experience working at the cutting edge of testing with Google, Microsoft, and other top software organizations, Whittaker introduces innovative new processes for manual testing that are repeatable, prescriptive, teachable, and extremely effective. Whittaker defines both in-the-small techniques for individual testers and in-the-large techniques to supercharge test teams. He also introduces a hybrid strategy for injecting exploratory concepts into traditional scripted testing. You’ll learn when to use each, and how to use them all successfully. Concise, entertaining, and actionable, this book introduces robust techniques that have been used extensively by real testers on shipping software, illuminating their actual experiences with these techniques, and the results they’ve achieved. Writing for testers, QA specialists, developers, program managers, and architects alike, Whittaker answers crucial questions such as: • Why do some bugs remain invisible to automated testing--and how can I uncover them? • What techniques will help me consistently discover and eliminate “show stopper” bugs? • How do I make manual testing more effective--and less boring and unpleasant? • What’s the most effective high-level test strategy for each project? • Which inputs should I test when I can’t test them all? • Which test cases will provide the best feature coverage? • How can I get better results by combining exploratory testing with traditional script or scenario-based testing? • How do I reflect feedback from the development process, such as code changes?

Software Testing

Software Testing Author
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Software Testing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Software Testing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Software Testing book for free.

Systematic Software Testing

Systematic Software Testing Author Rick David Craig
ISBN-10 1580537928
Release 2002
Pages 536
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Gain an in-depth understanding of software testing management and process issues that are critical for delivering high-quality software on time and within budget. Written by leading experts in the field, this book offers those involved in building and maintaining complex, mission-critical software systems a flexible, risk-based process to improve their software testing capabilities. Whether your organization currently has a well-defined testing process or almost no process, Systematic Software Testing provides unique insights into better ways to test your software.This book describes how to use a preventive method of testing, which parallels the software development lifecycle, and explains how to create and subsequently use test plans, test design, and test metrics. Detailed instructions are presented to help you decide what to test, how to prioritize tests, and when testing is complete. Learn how to conduct risk analysis and measure test effectiveness to maximize the efficiency of your testing efforts. Because organizational structure, the right people, and management are keys to better software testing, Systematic Software Testing explains these issues with the insight of the authorsOCO more than 25 years of experience."

Software Testing

Software Testing Author Gerald D. Everett
ISBN-10 0470146346
Release 2007-07-27
Pages 345
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Software Testing presents one of the first comprehensive guides to testing activities, ranging from test planning through test completion for every phase of software under development, and software under revision. Real life case studies are provided to enhance understanding as well as a companion website with tools and examples.

Software Testing

Software Testing Author Ron Patton
ISBN-10 0672327988
Release 2006
Pages 389
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Software Testing, Second Edition provides practical insight into the world of software testing and quality assurance. Learn how to find problems in any computer program, how to plan an effective test approach and how to tell when software is ready for release. Updated from the previous edition in 2000 to include a chapter that specifically deals with testing software for security bugs, the processes and techniques used throughout the book are timeless. This book is an excellent investment if you want to better understand what your Software Test team does or you want to write better software.

Pragmatic Software Testing

Pragmatic Software Testing Author Rex Black
ISBN-10 9781118079386
Release 2011-04-06
Pages 384
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A hands-on guide to testing techniques that deliver reliable software and systems Testing even a simple system can quickly turn into a potentially infinite task. Faced with tight costs and schedules, testers need to have a toolkit of practical techniques combined with hands-on experience and the right strategies in order to complete a successful project. World-renowned testing expert Rex Black provides you with the proven methods and concepts that test professionals must know. He presents you with the fundamental techniques for testing and clearly shows you how to select and apply successful strategies to test a system with budget and time constraints. Black begins by discussing the goals and tactics of effective and efficient testing. Next, he lays the foundation of his technique for risk-based testing, explaining how to analyze, prioritize, and document risks to the quality of the system using both informal and formal techniques. He then clearly describes how to design, develop, and, ultimately, document various kinds of tests. Because this is a hands-on activity, Black includes realistic, life-sized exercises that illustrate all of the major test techniques with detailed solutions.

Practical Software Testing

Practical Software Testing Author Ilene Burnstein
ISBN-10 9780387216584
Release 2006-04-18
Pages 710
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Based on the needs of the educational community, and the software professional, this book takes a unique approach to teaching software testing. It introduces testing concepts that are managerial, technical, and process oriented, using the Testing Maturity Model (TMM) as a guiding framework. The TMM levels and goals support a structured presentation of fundamental and advanced test-related concepts to the reader. In this context, the interrelationships between theoretical, technical, and managerial concepts become more apparent. In addition, relationships between the testing process, maturity goals, and such key players as managers, testers and client groups are introduced. Topics and features: - Process/engineering-oriented text - Promotes the growth and value of software testing as a profession - Introduces both technical and managerial aspects of testing in a clear and precise style - Uses the TMM framework to introduce testing concepts in a systemmatic, evolutionary way to faciliate understanding - Describes the role of testing tools and measurements, and how to integrate them into the testing process Graduate students and industry professionals will benefit from the book, which is designed for a graduate course in software testing, software quality assurance, or software validation and verification Moreover, the number of universities with graduate courses that cover this material will grow, given the evoluation in software development as an engineering discipline and the creation of degree programs in software engineering.

Software Testing

Software Testing Author Paul C. Jorgensen
ISBN-10 9781498785785
Release 2016-04-08
Pages 494
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This updated and reorganized fourth edition of Software Testing: A Craftsman's Approach applies the strong mathematics content of previous editions to a coherent treatment of Model-Based Testing for both code-based (structural) and specification-based (functional) testing. These techniques are extended from the usual unit testing discussions to full coverage of less understood levels integration and system testing. The Fourth Edition: Emphasizes technical inspections and is supplemented by an appendix with a full package of documents required for a sample Use Case technical inspection Introduces an innovative approach that merges the Event-Driven Petri Nets from the earlier editions with the "Swim Lane" concept from the Unified Modeling Language (UML) that permits model-based testing for four levels of interaction among constituents in a System of Systems Introduces model-based development and provides an explanation of how to conduct testing within model-based development environments Presents a new section on methods for testing software in an Agile programming environment Explores test-driven development, reexamines all-pairs testing, and explains the four contexts of software testing Thoroughly revised and updated, Software Testing: A Craftsman’s Approach, Fourth Edition is sure to become a standard reference for those who need to stay up to date with evolving technologies in software testing. Carrying on the tradition of previous editions, it will continue to serve as a valuable reference for software testers, developers, and engineers.

Effective Software Testing

Effective Software Testing Author Elfriede Dustin
ISBN-10 0201794292
Release 2002
Pages 271
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With the advent of agile methodologies, testing is becoming the responsibility of more and more team members. In this new book, noted testing expert Dustin imparts the best of her collected wisdom. She presents 50 specific tips for a better testing program. These 50 tips are divided into ten sections, and presented so as to mirror the chronology of a software project.

Introduction to Software Testing

Introduction to Software Testing Author Paul Ammann
ISBN-10 9781107172012
Release 2016-12-13
Pages 364
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This classroom-tested new edition features expanded coverage of the basics and test automation frameworks, with new exercises and examples.

The Art of Software Testing

The Art of Software Testing Author Glenford J. Myers
ISBN-10 9781118133156
Release 2011-09-23
Pages 256
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The classic, landmark work on software testing The hardware and software of computing have changed markedly in the three decades since the first edition of The Art of Software Testing, but this book's powerful underlying analysis has stood the test of time. Whereas most books on software testing target particular development techniques, languages, or testing methods, The Art of Software Testing, Third Edition provides a brief but powerful and comprehensive presentation of time-proven software testing approaches. If your software development project is mission critical, this book is an investment that will pay for itself with the first bug you find. The new Third Edition explains how to apply the book's classic principles to today's hot topics including: Testing apps for iPhones, iPads, BlackBerrys, Androids, and other mobile devices Collaborative (user) programming and testing Testing for Internet applications, e-commerce, and agile programming environments Whether you're a student looking for a testing guide you'll use for the rest of your career, or an IT manager overseeing a software development team, The Art of Software Testing, Third Edition is an expensive book that will pay for itself many times over.

Software Testing

Software Testing Author Dinesh Maidasani
ISBN-10 8131802825
Release 2007-01-01
Pages 392
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Software Testing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Software Testing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Software Testing book for free.

Foundations of Software Testing

Foundations of Software Testing Author Dorothy Graham
ISBN-10 1844809897
Release 2008-01
Pages 258
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Your One-Stop Guide To Passing The ISTQB Foundation Level ExamFoundations of Software Testing: Updated edition for ISTQB Certification is your essential guide to software testing and the ISTQB Foundation qualification. Whether you are a students or tester of ISTQB, this book is an essential purchase if you want to benefit from the knowledge and experience of those involved in the writing of the ISTQB Syllabus.This book adopts a practical and hands-on approach, covering the fundamental principles that every system and software tester should know. Each of the six sections of the syllabus is covered by backgroound tests, revision help and sample exam questions. The also contains a glossary, sample full-length examination and information on test certification. The authors are seasoned test-professionals and developers of the ISTQB syllabus itself, so syllabus coverage is thorough and in-depth. This book is designed to help you pass the ISTQB exam and qualify at Foundation Level, and is enhanced with many useful learning aids.ABOUT ISTQBISTQB is a multi-national body overseeing the development of international qualifications in software testing. In a world of employment mobility and multi-national organizations, having an internationally recognized qualification ensures that there is a common understanding, internationally, of software testing issues.

Software testing and quality assurance

Software testing and quality assurance Author B.S.Ainapure
ISBN-10 818431566X
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 400
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Software testing and quality assurance has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Software testing and quality assurance also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Software testing and quality assurance book for free.

Guide to Advanced Software Testing

Guide to Advanced Software Testing Author Anne Mette Jonassen Hass
ISBN-10 9781596932869
Release 2008
Pages 427
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The book offers you a practical understanding of essential software testing topics and their relationships and interdependencies. This unique resource provides a thorough overview of software testing and its purpose and value. It covers topics ranging from handling failures, faults, and mistakes, to the cost of fault corrections, OC scopingOCO the test effort and using standards to guide testing."

Software Testing

Software Testing Author Martin Pol
ISBN-10 0201745712
Release 2002
Pages 564
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This book will: Introduce you to the method and take you through it step-by-step Enable you to address and deal with organizational issues, including functions within a team, training, consulting and administration of the process Cover practical infrastructure issues, like the option of using an automation tool to aid the test process Outline the different development situations in which TMap has been used, for example, client server, GUI, Object-Oriented, ERP and web-enabled scenarios, and give tips on what problems to look out for in each one

SOFTWARE TESTING A Practical Approach

ISBN-10 9788120352261
Release 2016-01-30
Pages 376
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This thoroughly revised and updated book, now in its second edition, intends to be much more comprehensive book on software testing. The treatment of the subject in the second edition maintains to provide an insight into the practical aspects of software testing, along with the recent technological development in the field, as in the previous edition, but with significant additions. These changes are designed to provide in-depth understanding of the key concepts. Commencing with the introduction, the book builds up the basic concepts of quality and software testing. It, then, elaborately discusses the various facets of verification and validation, methodologies of both static testing and dynamic testing of the software, covering the concepts of structured group examinations, control flow and data flow, unit testing, integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing. The text also focuses on the importance of the cost-benefit analysis of testing processes, test automation, object-oriented applications, client-server and web-based applications. The concepts of testing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software as well as object-oriented testing have been described in detail. Finally, the book brings out the underlying concepts of usability and accessibility testing. Career in software testing is also covered in the book. The book is intended for the undergraduate and postgraduate students of computer science and engineering for a course in software testing.