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McNally Smith College of Music Foundation
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St. Paul, MN 55101

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The McNally Smith College of Music Foundation promotes the study, performance, and expression of music in American culture through education, research, and community.


The McNally Smith College of Music Foundation recognizes the innate musical potential in everyone and supports the expression of that potential in connecting society and creating culture.


We support creativity through music by providing access to instruments, educators, collaborators, and technology.


We support the expression of American culture by musical artists, performers, and their creative partners through existing performance traditions and imaginative new directions.


We recognize the healing potential of music and support research in medicine, science, and health care to develop this potential.


We support finding new approaches to teaching music and redefining the role of music in general education and cognitive development.


Foundation partners are community organizations that receive our support through musical talent, sound re-enforcement, production talent, college facilities and volunteer or contract services.


Our Partners